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Sunday Snippets

Tidbits of information I picked up this week:
  • 35% of pets are overweight. A leading culprit - well meaning humans who give them table scraps. But beware: feeding a 10lb cat a 1 oz piece of cheese is equivalent to a 150lb woman eating 3 1/2 hamburgers! (Pet Health brochure - published by Science Diet and Canadian Veterinary Medical Association)
  • Bug season is coming! And guess what - Ladybugs are the official bug of 6 U.S. states! In fact, they are loved the world over -  in Turkey, they are considered the "good luck" bug, and in some cultures the little red bug is believed to be close to Gods or Saints. (Canadian Wildlife, March/April 2011). 
  • Raccoons are considered by many to be just another pest.... but they are smart ones! Studies show raccoons are smarter than cats and dogs, and are closest to monkeys in their mental capabilities. (Canadian Wildlife, March/April 2011)
  • On average, we each swallow 3 spiders per year. Lovely. (Parents Canada, March/April 2011)

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