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What We're Reading Lately

You're not gonna believe this... well actually, you probably will....since, heck, you ARE reading the blog regularly, right?

.... I haven't done a "What We're Reading" post since February! I know! The Shame! The horror!

Never fear, dear Reader, I am going to rectify that right now! There's not a moment to loose!

Gosh, where to begin.... well, right now, as in this week at bedtime, we are reading "Boing-Boing The Bionic Cat and the Jewel Thief. This colourfully illustrated chapter book is about Daniel, a boy allergic to cats, and his bionic cat, Boing-Boing, who was made for him by a friendly neighbour who wanted the boy to have a pet. Given the title, I suspect Boing-Boing is going to play a roll in stopping a thief, but we haven't gotten to that part yet ;-) The nice thing about this book is that the chapters are not so long as to be overwhelming when Mario decides to read, and the illustrations keep Toad happy. And, when we close the book for the night, the boys always want to read more!

For a while, the boys were shying away from both chapter books and storybooks. One of the books they were interested in during this time was Ripley's Believe It or Not: Special Edition 2011. I would read a few pages from it each night. We learned some interesting tidbits - like the one about the man in India who held his arms above his head for twenty years, or the boy who can "limbo-roller-skate" under cars and trucks by getting his body just 8 inches from the ground ... and some gross things that I do not care to re-live by writing of them here. Boys will be boys though - they were most delighted with those sections, and I think they enjoyed it more the more disgusted I got!

The other book that was catching their attention during that time was Ha! Ha! Ha! and MUCH more. It is a joke-and-reference book (how's that for an odd combination?), that provides facts on a certain animal, geography concept or body part/function, etc., followed by a few pages of jokes on the same subject. I picked it up at a Scholastic Book Fair on clearance for $6.... try as I might at the time, neither boy would consider getting it. But, I had a feeling... that it would be well-liked (here we go, here w...) and oddly enough - Mama was right, as I now find that book next to my sleeping Mario more than any other ;-)

Happy Reading!

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