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Marvelous Monday - Mad Hatter

I bet you thought I had forgotten all about Marvelous Monday, huh? Well... no. Just busy - crocheting, card-making, and tidying. I got it in my head that I MUST give the house a thorough top-to-bottom cleaning -  NOW before the urchins are home for  the summer - or it will NEVER be any where near clean again! And since I am out at several appointments tomorrow, today and Wednesday are my only chances - pressure!!!

However, despite the tidying, and the weather, I have been obsessed with creating little sun hats the last 48 hours or so! Odd, huh? Especially since I have no daughters, and there is no way my boys will wear these little creations (You should have seen the look on their faces when I had them try on the hats for sizing -it was all I could do to get them to stay still! They were not impressed... not impressed at all).

I've done two hats so far, each slightly different. One is worked in rows, and the other is worked in a continuous round....I am trying to perfect the idea, figure out how I like them done best, etc. Here's the first two attempts:

Well, I guess the second is still a bit of a work in progress ;-) The edging is similar to the first (which I mimics one I found online, I will update this post if I find the source), but without the contrast row before the brim and with two more open rows at the edge of the brim. It is the one worked in the round, which I usually prefer, but I do like the definition from the touch of colour on the first. I did the first in a size 5 hook; with a 4-weight cotton - it fits about a 7-9 yr old. The bottom one is worked in the same yarn, but with a size 4 hook - it would fit a 4-5 yr old. I would like to create one for a toddler - I think I will need a different weight yarn as this is just going to get tight and stiff if I keep going down in hook size!

Happy Creating and have a Marvelous Week!

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