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What To Do This Weekend - Easy (and Crafty!) Fall Fun

My gosh! It is some windy out there today!! The good news - the winds are supposed to die down, and right now, we are forecasted to have sun and 10 degrees both Saturday and Sunday (yay!).

So, in between turkey dinners and long naps, what is there to do this weekend (besides wonderfully long walks through the park with the kids)? There are a few things on the go:
  • The Anna Templeton Centre is hosting a Breakdown Comic Jam on Friday night. The free event porovides comic book & cartooning enthusiasts an opportunity to gather together, learn skills & practice technique, as they share their work & provide feedback to one another.  
  • Fluvarium Kids' (Saturdays and Sundays) theme this month is The Legend of Lenny the Leaf - join staff for a craft, story and some outdoor fun to boot :-)
  • Botanical Garden Family Fun Day on Sunday - even if you popped in earlier in the Season, now is a beautiful time of year to revisit: not too chilly and the Fall colours are starting to emerge. And, in October, the bat walk takes on new meaning in a child's mind ;-)
Besides that though, here are a couple of make-your-own-fun ideas:
  • Play spotlight with the kids - they LOVE it, and the earlier dusk means it won't be a late game ;-)
  • Signal Hill - dress in layers and give the kids a talkin'-to about being careful and staying together and go for a hike. The slopes will be easier on a crisp Fall day than in the heat of summer.
  • Head to Value Village or Frenchy's Thirft Boutique and either plan a Halloween Costume or get an outfit to make your very own scarecrow (stuff him with leaves or grocery bags)
  • Make hand-print turkey decorations with the kids for Thanksgiving Dinner. (Press hand into paint, then onto paper. When dry, paint eyes and beak on the thumb, and the fingers are the back/feathers.... see?).
  • Make leaf-etchings in the park.... bring a stack of papers and crayons, arrange leaves under paper, rub imprint in crayon, bring home and frame - voila, new art ;-)
  • Make Fall sun-catchers: shave pieces of red, orange and yellow crayons through a cheese grater (be careful!) onto wax paper. Layer with another piece of wax paper. Iron (Mama - this is your job :-) to melt crayon. Once cool, cut into a leaf, pumpkin or other seasonal shape, thread through some wool and hang :-)
  • Decorate the house for Halloween.... pumpkin lights, spider webs, gravestones,'s all good :-)
Have a good one :-)

For details on events in & around town, check my events calendar regularly - it is on the bottom of EVERY page :-) The Tely Go Guide published in Arts & Life section every Thursday is also a good source. 

If you have something to add to the Calendar, please let me know! Complete details can be found here and I welcome being added to any "Events Distribution list" your facility might have :-)

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