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Countdown to Christmas - Countdown to Christmas Chain

Well, I meant to show you this little Countdown to Christmas Chain last week... you know, in time for you to make one as well, before the "advent calendar" countdowns began....

... but I got struck with a nasty cold, and couldn't bring myself to fold the paper into loops and tape them (!), let alone photograph it. So I had to change my idea to a 20-Day Countdown Chain, which we are going to start today (Monday, right??).

These are easy to make - I just cut Christmas Scrapbook paper (you could use red & green construction paper OR wrapping paper if you don't have scrap-booking paper) into 1" X 8" strips. On the "back" side of each one, I wrote a Christmas/Seasonal activity, and then on the front of each, wrote a number between 1-20 (as I did this, I noted where the paper's activity would fall... I didn't want to have a "bake Christmas cookies" end up on a day when the children's extracurricular activities would make that impossible for example!).

Obviously, I then folded the papers into circles, secured with tape and formed a paper chain with my loops... see? 



Here are some of the ideas on my 20 chains:
  • Make a paper plate snowman
  • Make pipe cleaner ornaments
  • Bake Christmas Cookies
  • Read a Christmas Story
  • Go see a Christmas Movie in the Theatre
  • Watch a Christmas special (I PVR them all!)
  • Call the Grandparents and ask what was their best gift ever from Santa
  • Write a note to someone you love saying why they are important to you this Christmas
  • Make Candied almonds
  • Take a family walk through the neighbourhood to look at all the lights
  • Write a "We were checking out the neighbourhood lights and we think your house has the nicest holiday display" note and drop it in a mailbox anonymously (or not!)
  • Make paper snowflakes
  • Have a candy cane
  • Make hot chocolate
  • Make salt dough ornaments
  • Let's have a Family Christmas Movie Night.... lights out and popcorn!
Have a marvelous week!


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