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Britax Car Seats - FYI

The following is from HSW. Please note that it is NOT a recall, just an FYI. The study conducted by the manufacturer (Britax) found that the performance of the car seats was not adversely affected, and Transport Canada agreed with the findings.

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Transport Canada reports that it has received a small number of complaints concerning joint connectors coming off the base of Britax infant/child car seats. These complaints were immediately shared with Britax and the company was supplied with an affected car seat for their examination. Britax had also received a small number of complaints about the same problem. Consumers have had this experience with the joint connectors when reinstalling the infant/child car seat from rear-facing to forward-facing. 

See Product Details tab for specifics on the affected items.
Britax has determined that a limited number of infant/child car seats were manufactured with base joint connectors that were improperly installed. Britax has performed dynamic testing with the left connector missing, with the right connector missing and with both connectors missing to determine any possible safety ramifications. Britax found that the performance of the car seats was not adversely affected. Transport Canada has reviewed all the test documentation and agrees with Britax that the problem appears to pose no safety risk and that, even with both connectors missing, the infant/child seats, when installed properly, would perform as intended. The possibility of a choking hazard is very low to nil as the loose parts, if any, are out of reach of a restrained child. If the parts come off the seat, they will drop to either inside the padding of the child seat or to the vehicle seat or floor. Transport Canada and Britax recommend that you ensure that your infant/child car seat is properly installed using the vehicle seat belt orUAS (Universal Anchorage System) and tether strap, as outlined in the user guide. 

Consumer Recourse:Owners of affected car seats may call Britax Child Safety, Inc. at 1-888-427-4829 to receive a kit containing replacement base joint connectors, tools and instructions.

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