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The Return of the Corny Valentine

Well, today, for the first time in a long time, I sat down in my craft room, with all my stamping gear in front of me, and yes, I made cards!

I made some valentines for my peeps... here they are:

See? The top one is a penguin, and inside it says: "You're so COOL!" (LOL!),  and the bottom one is an owl, and inside it says: "You're a HOOT!". Get it?!

Oh man, I crack myself up!!

...At least someone is laughing....

I know, I know....

Hey!  I can hear you groaning... CORNY .....

(If you did not expect corny humour, please refer to the title of this post.)

Ohhhh.... you wanted sappy stuff? OK, I'll give ya sappy stuff: 

This is the one I made for my DH - it was inspired by a saying I saw on pinterest that linked here: Too many hearts would still be too few to tell you how much I love you ....

...Or something like that... that is what I wrote on it anyways ;-)

Happy Valentines Day!


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