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Sunday Snippets

Tidbits of information  I picked up this week:

  • The odds a child will be nearsighted drop 2% for every hour the child spends outside each week! It is suspected that exposure to natural light and looking at distant objects help protect vision (Best Health, January/February 2012)
  • The world's population reached 7 billion in October 2011. To estimate "your number" based on your birth date, visit the BBC here. (I was the 3,978,228,938th person alive on Earth when I was born and the 78,286,401,601st person to have lived since history began, apparently.) (Best Health, Jan/Feb 2012)
  • Having dairy products at least once a day is linked to better memory, reasoning and organisational skills! So have that ice cream... or at least some low fat frozen yogurt ;-) (Fitness, January 2012)

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