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EcoParent (OR: What I Found Today!)

Today, in the doctor's office, I stumbled upon a new treasure: Eco-Parent magazine. What a wonderful, well written/edited, Canadian-made magazine!

The magazine's mission is to provide information that will allow parents "to make responsible, sustainable and {...} attainable lifestyle choices" for their families, and they succeed in doing it in the desired non-judgemental and inspirational way. Even from the little read I had in the office today, I believe they are headed for a future as an informative resource for the eco-conscious mom - or for any parent just looking for a fun, well written read :-). I am hungry for more and have already bookmarked their site ( ) and signed up for their newsletter!

In addition to great articles (i.e.: this issue had a nature theme with an article on the effect of nature on a child's development; others pertaining to family gardening, camping & hiking tips; and so much more - books, fashion, beauty, Q & A's...etc.), the magazine provides information on environmentally-friendly household and child/family- care products, PLUS some amazing recipes (I have to try the quinoa tabouli stat!). Now you get why I am so excited?!?!?!?!?!

The print magazine will publish 4 times a year - subscription information is available online and does provide a discount compared to single issue retail (website has a list of retailers as well). The plan for the year ahead looks just as amazing as the first issue: The Fall edition's theme will be "The Education Special' Winter: "Holiday Shopping"; Spring 2013's feature is "Home-Town Heroes" followed by "The Happiness Issue" next Summer!

And, the website also provides some great resources for the eco-conscious parent: forums, upcoming events, shopping guides.... I can't wait to browse it all ;-)

....OMG - All that said, I am exhausted just telling you about it ;-)

Visit them here and enjoy :-)


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