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On T-shirts and Purses

Spring in Newfoundland... so fickle, hey? Back a few weeks ago, I actually had a sunburn; a few days ago the kids were begging me to set up the backyard pool; and a few hours ago I nearly froze to death on my walk! It snowed, People!

What to do on a day like today, then?  There was no way I was gonna scrape the veranda & prep it for painting as I'd planned ;-) So instead, I had a nice warming cup of tea (lemon-ginger tea to be exact.... I usually have it on hand for nausea, but occasionally, on a cold, blustery day, it is akin to a cup of warm cocoa in its powers to warm the body & soul), and then I tackled the closet.

Oh damn, the closet. It was at the point where you couldn't see the floor, dust bunnies were threatening to come to life, and DH hadn't hung up his pants in weeks because he couldn't contemplate climbing over all the clutter to get to the rails. I can't say I blamed him....

Though, I did have to roll my eyes at him several times.... what is it with guys not throwing out ratty old t-shirts? DH had 47 in the closet alone!

Yes... 47. And, to boot, this does not include those in the wash or hamper or his dresser! WTF?! 

Seriously, its not like a t-shirt is a purse or a pair of shoes ...  a tee's function is pretty much limited to one use a washing ...whereas a bag or shoes could go with several outfits and set the tone, you know what I mean? And, even then, I don't think I have 47 bags & shoes combined.... not that I counted... 'cause what if I'm wrong and then I'd have to get down off my high horse ;-)

All that said though, it feels pretty good to have a sparkling clean closet. It feels brand-spankin'-new, even. Almost makes me want to tackle another spring cleaning decluttering project tomorrow....



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