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Homework Help @ Kahn Academy

Holy cow - May month!!!!

Its the final crunch now for school, huh? If there are just some topics that continue to stump you and your peeps, check out Khan Academy. It was suggested to me ages ago as a useful site to help with Math, but it covers a slew of other subjects as well.... everything from Algebra & Art to Calculus & Chemistry, Physics & Finance to Business & Biology! There are hundreds of excellent, step-by-step, topic-by-topic videos.... and it is teacher approved and recommended (in my circles anyways ;-)

Check it out - you never know what you'll find. And as for your kids, well, tell them they are watching videos online for homework and they will be thrilled - mine always are! ;-)


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  1. In my opinion Homework and online tutoring both are very essential thing for everyone and especially for beginners because it provide practice and guidance for them.So that they will not face any kind of problem in future with higher section's topics.