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Local Girl Travels to Africa to Help Children!

I just received this email from a very special family with an amazing adventure coming up - see their words below for their story and visit the page to show your support :-)

Hi there! Good Morning!
 My daughter and I are about to embark on a journey of a lifetime and I was hoping you could share our page! Jorja, who is 8, myself and a friend will be traveling to Africa for 3 weeks to help care for the children in an orphanage, teach English and plan to help in any other way possible while there! We leave mid April and we have a HUGE amount of fundraising left to do to make this possible! We have a goal of $10,000 and Jorja has decided that she would like to raise the money for her ticket herself!! Pretty cool and brave for an 8 year old child! 
Please share our page if possible as we have a large goal to meet and very little time to do so!
Thank you in advance!
Tracy, Jorja and Pam!/girlsonamissionforuganda

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  1. More information on this group/initiative for those interested:
    {....}this is a Christian based Ministry...that doesn't change the basic needs of these orphans and what their beliefs are is really insignificant!
    {...}We are so happy to have the opportunity to be apart of such a unique and loving ministry. This particular group has been in operation since 1999 and since then has chosen to make a name change for the Canadian based portion of the organization. If they are searching the new name they may have difficultly finding that info if they are searching for it.
    They have 4 orphanages in Ghana, a childrens home in India as well as a woman shelter and had an orphanage in Tanzania too!
    {...} Just a bit of background of myself, Jorja and my friend Pam who will also be traveling with us. I am a Massage Therapist , a trained Doula and an infant Massage instructor. I am also the Pay it Forward director for NL. Pam is a nurse with many years experience working with Community Health. We are going with the same mission at share and spread as much love as possible! With our experience and education we are also going with the intentions of helping to lay the ground work for a much needed clinic and a school in the compound! Jorja has a huge heart filled with kindness and spends her time finding different ways to help children far and near! She has a "pay it forward" group for children, Operation Kids Care, and is always creating opportunities for other children to also pay it forward. For Christmas she collected and delivered nearly 400 pairs of pj's and books to the needy children and the Janeway!

    ~~~ Also, I want to say that the few times I have spoken with Tracy, her warmth and kindness have shone though. I LOVE all the work she is doing here in NL and the lessons she is teaching her daughters about caring! In addition to the above, she is a Brownie Leader and she and her children started the Travel Buddies initiative. Thank you for the extra information Tracy!