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Storm Day....Snow Much Fun!

Soooo, school is out for the afternoon due to the impending weather. Your kids are home and man! are they ever hyper (snow days do that to a child ;-). Here's my list of Things to do on a SnOw DaY:
  • Play street hockey until the snow comes.
  • Clear off the kitchen table, cover with an old shower curtain or spare plastic party tablecloth, break out the paints and paper - all the fun, so worries about mess! Paint a snow scene, valentines decorations or a frame for a favourite piece of art!
  • Play go fish or crazy eights
  • Make a tablet cover out of an old sweater (wash & dry with heat to "felt", then cut to size and sew), a market bag out of an old t-shirt (stitch or glue bottom shut, then cut top to create handles), or braid a bracelet out of old yarn, string or rope
  • Indoor water-balloon fight (easier if you lay out towels before hand!)
  • Sumo wrestling: use bungee cords to attach pillows to your front & back, then bump into each other (clear the coffee table and breakables first!)
  • DANCE!
  • Have your own Sponge Bob or Phineas & Ferb marathon.... don't forget hot chocolate and popcorn!
  • Bake cookies or cupcakes.... or make individual pizzas!
  • Take turns reading aloud... act out the parts as you read them. 
  • Colour!
  • Invite the neighbourhood kids over for an impromptu Wii sports Play-off.
  • Have doubles of old photos? Break out the sharpie and draw over it to create a new picture featuring the faces of those present!

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