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On Affiliations

So, I struggled a bit on whether or not to share this post, because I did not want to alienate the folks in question or make them feel as though they were put on the spot. However, given that I have received a couple such notices lately from two different readers, I thought I would address that you all know what you are getting here on St. John's Mom.

Again, as in my post here, I feel compelled to divulge that this post is not motivated by any association that I have with with any Church, Synagogue or any other religious group/organisation/sect. We all believe what we believe and can make our own decisions.....

....Now, to get back to the point:

The messages pertained to events I had shared in my calendar and posted on my blog, and the readers were concerned that, as the events were organised/supported by religious groups, you would all want to know the religious motivations of the event administrators.

My view is this: Through St. John's Mom, I am sharing my experiences and passing along information on Kid Friendly Events around town and other articles/notices/events that might be of interest to parents (and especially moms ;-)  These events did have links, and it was via these links that the readers obtained this information. I am not bothered either way by the religious affiliation of events. Chances are I am not going to overtly religious ones, but heck, YOU might want to! These events were not the first, nor will they be the last, that I pass along regardless of the administrating group.  I do not highlight events as having religious affiliations, or lack thereof.  I don't hide it either - links/my sources are given and I leave it to each of you to dive into the administration of the event if it is something you are concerned about or bothered by.

Likewise, take your own precautions whenever you send or donate money to any organisation - most charities and organisations you find here tend to be established/well known ones that you can easily find online (UNICEF, for example). However, when I am passing along information from other sources, I am sharing what I have heard or been sent - just as I would with my girlfriends. It may or may not be of interest to you. As such,  I assume that:
  1. the source has done their research, is comfortable with the organisation OR is a part of said organisation and
  2. you, the reader, will take all precautions you deem necessary before attending an event or passing along your information or money
I thank the readers in question for their concern for both you and me. And I wanted to ensure everyone knows my stand on this, so you can make your decisions about reading this blog or how much faith (LOL - no pun intended ;-) you put in my event sharing accordingly. ... 

...Do with it what you will. Thanks!

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