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St. Patrick's Day Fun!

St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner! Are you looking for some fun  ideas to make the day extra special? Well, then, never you fear - St. John's Mom has got your back!

Let's start bright and early, at the breakfast table. You simply MUST have Lucky Charms for breakfast! With green milk. And a side of kiwi fruit and green grapes :-)

When you get dressed, it is simple... just wear green! Green shirt on your back, green ribbons in your hair, green laces in your shoes!

If you can see grass in your back yard, consider your self lucky (LOL!)... and, if so, search for a four leaf clover to seal the deal ;-)

Head to the grocery store. Buy one fruit to represent each colour of the rainbow - purple grapes, blueberries, oranges, etc. Make one awesome Rainbow Fruit Salad for lunch! Serve with green yogurt (add food dye to vanilla yogurt ;-).

Explore the Irish Loop (Goulds to Bay Bulls and waaaay beyond!). Wish everyone the Luck of the Irish.

Feature potatoes and cabbage in supper. How about a nice corned beef, potato and cabbage stew? Is that Irish enough?

Research online - is your name Irish? Check both first and last names! Play a game or two of chance while on the computer.

Put on green pj's for bed....

....And, last but not least, for the bedtime stories, read only from books with green covers!

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