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Early Registration for Alive Adventures Summer Programs is APRIL 6th.

Happy Sunny Day People!!!! Makes one think of summer, n'est pas? It did for me at least... and THAT reminded me I had promised to post about the early registration for Alive Adventures Summer Camp - here's their notice from the email sent to me:

Our Summer Camps: This is our 3rd Summer!
The dates are listed on the brochure. We have smaller sized camps that are of great quality. We focus on the whole child (mind, body, and soul).
Our camps are Day Camps, or 4 day 3 night camps.
We do everything from Yoga, to Hiking and Camping, To Personal Development, Yoga, Music, Water Activities, and Ton's more. We also have Girl Goddess Camps. There is a camp for each age category from 6 years old - 17 years old.
A very unique and inspiring Summer Camp experience. See brohcure & poster for details.

This year: April 6th:
Registration Day for Summer Camp.
Rocket Room (4th Floor Rocket Bakery).
You will get a special discount for being an Early Bird,
A free Drum Circle & Treats from Rocket.
11 - 1pm April 6th.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Hoping you are able to post these items. :)

Thank you for doing all that you do.

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Be Alive!

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