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Ghosties with the Mosties!

Some easy ghost ideas.

I figured that after yesterday's Christmas-inspired post, I had better give you a bit of Halloween! The Imps and I have made a few ghosts lately. They are S-I-M-P-L-E - easy enough for young children, yet fun for the older ones as well!

First up are these little glowing ghosts. Now, they are covering LED lights but I exercise caution just the same and only have them lit when I am in the room. They surround the window next to our kitchen table and lend a spooky glow to our supper-hour!

As you can see in the last picture, my lights were dragonflies (I had them up for the summer), and they are simply covered by a coffee filter, which the boys then decorated!

Here is another coffee filter idea - these ones hang from the light fixture above the table:

To make these little guys, just put a couple of cotton balls in the centre of a filter, and fold it over and twist slightly to give a neck. Then draw on a face, tie white thread around the neck and hang anywhere.

Last but not least, our twirly-whirlly ghosts. These ones spin when you walk by, so I have them hanging in the stairwell:

It's the twirly part that makes them flutter and spin. And it is so easy to do! These are just made out of construction paper and we traced our hands:

Next, draw a continuous circle where you want the "tail" of the ghost to be like this:

You can do multiple "tails" if you wish:

Cut it out like so:

Draw on faces:

And voila:

(hand upside down, fingers open)


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