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I Must Be Crazy!

So, DS #1 has been wanting a hamster for a very long time. We suggested he might get one for his birthday thinking that perhaps some other obsession would take over by then. But, alas, it did not. Leading up to his birthday, it was all about the hamster... so we did get him a starter kit and brought him to pick out a hamster on his birthday. He was so proud, telling his father as we left for the store that "the next time you see me, I'll have a hamster for a pet!"

So, here he is - Devil-eye Snowball:

Cutie, huh? He's really curious- always checking out an open door, fine with being in your hand - and he is ALWAYS busy - constantly moving the pine shavings around!

Now, DS #2 had decided he did not want a hamster for his birthday. However, when we went out to get #1's hamster, he decided that THAT was exactly what he should spend his birthday money on! And so, he bought another mini "room" to the habitat to give the little guys some more space, and picked out this little fella for himself:

True to his usual naming fashion, DS #2 called this little guy "Fluffy Chestnut". Now, Fluffy loves the running wheel, which is good because he also likes to eat. He is a Nervous Nellie when he is picked up, poor little guy, and he runs away from the doors when they are opened!

This is all new to me, I grew up in a cat/dog/fish household, though DH had hamsters as a child and is impressing me with his vast knowledge (mmm, sexy! LOL!). I am really taken by the little guys though! And I am not the only one.... as you can see:

I think the hamsters will have a much better day tomorrow if I remind the boys NOT to leave their cage on the floor!

'Til next time!

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