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Our boys both celebrated their birthdays recently, which got me thinking about lootbags for obvious reasons ;-).  I just updated my "Birthday Party Central" with these ideas:

- If your party or invitations had a theme, you might want to fill a loot bag along the same theme (i.e.: A hockey party could have loot bags with hockey cards, hockey stick key chains, and hockey puck gum. An October party could have Halloween treats, Halloween themed pencils/erasers/notepads or stickers and Halloween safety items such as a glow in the dark badge or a glow bracelet).

- You don't have to use a lootbag - fill a pencil case with craft essentials, a re-usable lunch bag with a water bottle and fun snacks, a metal tin with knick-knacks or a make-up bag with girly stuff for a personal touch.

- Fillers:
  • snack foods (granola bars, 100-calorie snack packs, juice box, snack sized bars or chips, etc)
  • notepad & pencil/pen
  • coloring book & crayons
  • wooden model kits (Michaels - $1.50 each)
  • fill-in craft calendars (Michaels)
  • fake teeth, pirate eye patch, pirate hat or bandanna
  • balloons (if age appropriate)
  • stickers & sticker album
  • hair accessories/jewelry
  • paint by numbers kit
  • wooden 3D puzzle (Michaels)
  • glow bracelets or glow sticks
  • badges
  • water bottle (with a character to fit the theme; or one that represents the party location, etc).
  • craft items (glitter, foam sheets, glue, craft sticks, stickers, etc)
  • flashlight
  • trading cards
  • gum
  • key chain
  • coin purse
  • decorate your own flower pots & seeds
  • decorate your own cups, mugs or water bottles
  • clay painting kits
I hope that gets you started on your party planning! What do you think? Do you have any other suggestions?

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