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30 Days 'til Christmas - Woot!

Are you excited? 30 DAYS 'til the most wonderful time of the year! We are starting to get into the holiday spirit around here:

  • I shopped all day Wednesday, followed by a lovely dinner with DH and our boys at Smitty's: the boys were SO well behaved and the waitresses commented on how polite they were (yay!). I was very proud of them. Smitty's has all their Christmas decorations up, including a little village scene around the fish tank, both of which enchanted the children during their wait. 
  • I have another full day of shopping planned tomorrow.... 
  • This weekend, I'll be baking my grandmother's Christmas Cake (fruit cake, which sadly does not seem to have the same popularity it once did!). 
  • Planning to even begin some holiday decorating - I have been fending off requests from the boys for a couple of weeks now! In fact - my blog is the first thing to get spiffed up for the holidays: I found my background at :-)
  • And today, my Aunt & Uncle, who "snowbird" if that can be a verb, are dropping in before their departure... to drop off presents! Now, THAT definitely means Christmas is on the way, snow or no snow!!

Pop back later for a round-up of what's up this weekend.... see ya then!

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