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What We're Reading Now

Look at that snow falling! Its a great day to snuggle up & read, don't you think?

I am actually on my second book since my last book review post. Last week I read Great Tales From English History (vol. II) by Robert Lacey. It was a VERY quick read - it is written as short little tidbits of history, just one or two interesting episodes from a period. Now, I LOVE history, but, I did think while I was reading it, that if all high-school history texts were taken down to the basics like this, a heck of a lot more people would feel like I do! Does it give you all the nitty-gritty details? No, but that is what bores some people. Does it give you a feel for the period, enable you to understand the issue at hand? Amazingly, yes! This was the second book in the series - I will have to find the first and read it. If you're curious about history, but not a fan of reading about it, it might be a starting block for you :-)

Right now, I am reading Mary Tudor: Princess, Bastard, Queen, by Anne Whitelock. Mary has never been on my list of favorite monarchs or favourite periods in history.... for the British, I like Edwards I & III; Henry VII & VIII, & Elizabeth I.... and have always just thought of her as "Bloody Mary". And yet, perhaps because of how she is portrayed in the Tudors, of late I have become more curious about her. Perhaps I have misjudged her - she was after all, pretty much abandoned by her father, who used her as a pawn when it suited him and withdrew his affection when she disagreed with him or went against his wishes. Poor, poor little girl! So, when I passed by this title at Chapters, it leapt out at me, and I bought it on the spot (despite not having my irewards discount with me, lol!).

The boys and I are reading the first installment in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series by Jeff Kinney. They LOVE it! It is written as journal entries by a boy, Greg Heffley who was given the book by his mother. He has an older brother who teases him, and a little brother who he is expected to mind & entertain, and he thinks his "best friend" is a bit of a geek. Nothing in his life goes quite as he plans. My boys are loving it!

Happy Tuesday Folks!

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