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Guess Who's Coming Tonight?

My boys are SO excited - Santa Claus comes tonight!! But did you know the actual identity of the gift giver varies from country to country? Here's who is expected where tonight:
  • North America - Santa Claus
  • England - Father Christmas
  • France and French North America - Pere Noel
  • Spain - The Three Kings
  • Germany - Christkind (a female angel!)
  • Italy - La Befana (a kind old witch, who had been invited by the wise men to visit the Christ Child with them. She refused but later regretted it and now leaves gifts for the Holy Child at each household.)
  • Russia - Babushka (a grandmotherly lady) in some regions and Grandfather Frost in others.
  • Scandinavia - various Christmas gnomes
  • Holland - St Nicholas himself!
Wherever you are, I hope you have a great night!

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