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Teacher Appreciation Gifts

The Imps are gone off this morning all excited - it is the last day before the holidays after all! Last night, we put together some gifts for their teachers, little tokens of our appreciation for their support throughout the year. Teachers get so many gifts, so I try to give them something homemade and useful. This year, we made them little kits for their desktops:

The boys each chose the designer paper pattern they wanted for their teacher, which I then paired with a co-ordinating design, and applied to a little 14 X 12 CM tin. For the top, I made a little post-it not holder (it slides out through the band), and a matching pen (open the tube of a regular ball point pen, insert a rolled piece of paper that you have cut to the length and diameter of the pen):

This is the inside:

To keep the co-ordinating look going, I applied some designer paper to the inside of the tin, and put an origami mini-picture frame on the inside of the lid. The teacher can fill with their own necessities, however we did fill them with a few items:

Here you can see all the co-ordinating items we made: post-it note holder, pen, brass bookmark (extra large brass paper-clip, decorated with paper cut-outs which are hot-glued to one end), and a tissue holder.

We also wanted to give something to the guidance counsellor, as she has helped the boys with some bullying and anxiety issues this year. For her, I made a little container and some Christmas tags:


In the last picture, you can see how the container was made: just cut two circles, then make them flat on one end by cutting off the bottoms. Take a regular paper bag about 2/3 the width of your circle, cut the top down to make it square, then glue one circle to the front and the other to the back, decorate as desired. Makes a cute gift bag!

The boys were pleased with their presents! I hope their teachers like them too!

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