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Unplugging to Unwind

Do you remember how, growing up, the entire month of December you'd be on your best behavior, for fear that if Santa or the elves saw you slip up, that would be it, no toys? At least, that's the way it was in our house. Of course, my Nan's brother really DID get coal in his stocking one year - a bit too close to home to risk acting out!

I thought of this today because my boys were less than well behaved. They were OK outside, and were fine during screen time. But, once the Wii was turned off and they were encouraged to tidy up and then read - all heck broke loose! Shouting, picking at each other, he said-he said, etc., until I had had enough! And, despite a warning they would loose ALL screen time for the rest of the day and tomorrow if it continued, it DID continue.... so it appears I have unlimited access to the DS, Wii, computer and TV at my leisure for the next 30 hours, give or take.

And now, I have to shake my head in wonder - the house is quiet, the boys are back to getting along- they were playing xmen together and are now reading. Sometimes it seems, going back to basics not only saves Mom's sanity, it also eliminates the chaos that can come from all the choices kids have in today's world. Like everything, there are pros and cons to having the world at your fingertips!

Sometimes, it is nice to not be at the demand of technology, to not even have the choice to check Facebook, or to tweet, to answer the phone or respond to the latest email or text! I never miss my "devices" when camping - in fact, I like the break. Unplugging gives us the opportunity to unwind, to move at a natural pace, more in tune with the rythym of nature and of our bodies. I think then, that I will take a break with the boys tomorrow, and join them in their technological banishment!

Bring on the books and board games ;-)

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