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What To Do This Weekend - Relive the Mummering Spirit!

Hark! What's the noise out by the front door? Granny, 'tis mummers, there's twenty or more.....

Don't you just love that song? I love it and all it stands for - Good Times, Christmas Cheer, Family, Friends, Newfoundland Heritage.  On my way to the St. John's Parade a couple of weeks ago, I was delighted when it came on the radio - how perfect is that, I thought!

Despite the fact that I've never mummered (I'm a townie and don't even know of anyone who has..... except my Mother when she was growing up around the bay), the song is part of Christmas to me - an integral part of my Season. What a shame mummering isn't practiced as much as it once was! And thank goodness that song (written only in 1983) revived the pride we have in it, and allows us all to share mummering with another generation! I read (i.e.: sing in my awful voice) the book, illustrated by Ian Wallace, to my boys, and they love the concept and adore the pictures. This year, I am SO excited by the Mummer's Festival and can't wait for the Mummer's Parade this coming weekend (Saturday, Dec 18th from 2- 3, departing from Macpherson Jr. High and followed by a concert at the Rooms!). Let's bring back mummering big time! Let's be the generation it skipped, not the one that let it get away!

For complete details on these and other events in & around the city this weekend - scroll down to my Events Calendar below, or click here.

See you at the parade!

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