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Marvelous Monday

Why, why, why is it "marvelous"? Well, why not?? According to the dictionary "marvelous" is an adjective that means: 

1. Causing wonder or astonishment.
2. Miraculous; supernatural.
3. Of the highest or best kind or quality; first-rate

If you are like me, it takes a lot to get excited about a Monday. In fact I am never excited about a Monday..... hence the decision to refer to Mondays as "marvelous"! It makes them seem exciting! Fun! They are going to be wonderful! Astonishing! Something amazing is going to happen! It is just going to be the best kind of day!

Still not convinced? Me neither. But, that is why we'll make it the "official" day to share my crafting - because I, for one, am always quite astonished when I see the finished product: Woot! I pulled it off!! I made something!! And its not half bad!!

And therefore, on that note, here's a scarf I made recently....

Well, actually, I've made a few of these scarves lately:

That's not even all of them! They are fun to make, and I find people enjoy looking at them and wearing them. Here are just two of the many ways they can be worn:

Short (wrapped around neck twice, then chains looped through centre of "flower")...

... or as a Choker (wrap around neck 2-3 times, pull chains through centre, tuck ends under).

It also looks great long - just wrapped around the neck once before pulling the chains through the centre. I really like working them in a chunky variegated yarn, as you can see. It seems to emphasize the fun factor of the scarf! To make these, crochet a loose scalloped flower with a wide centre, then add a few chains for the length and bulkiness you desire ;-)

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  1. Hello, your scarves are great, what a good idea ! Congratulations !