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Small Changes Challenge - 2/50

First of all - I am still marching! Yep, every morning. I told you that you would keep me honest ;-) And, the boys still think it is funny. (Did I just call them "boys".... that was a slip: I have been informed by said children that henceforth they are to be referred to as "Mario" and "Toad" for the purposes of this blog. Demanding, aren't they? Extra points for you if you can guess where they got those names ;-).

This week, I resolved to make my bed first thing every morning. And by first thing, I mean as soon as possible after DH gets out of it, which is usually once the kids are already at the bus stop... so it is really sixth or twenty-fifth or five-hundred-and-tenth thing.... but lets not be picky about that.

I got an average score.... managed to do it 4/5 days thus far. Wednesday, darn you Wednesday! Apparently, I can not manage to march on the spot 8 minutes, get the boys out the door by 8, get me out the door by 8:40 and still make the bed.... but I had a very important rendez-vous and so it was worth it.

The big question is will I keep it up: it IS rewarding to actually have the bed fully made (not just the covers up people - we are talking smooth out the sheets, plump & toss the pillows, layer on all the fancy ones DH threw on the floor the night before, etc.), and the bed does feel more comfy-cozy when I get in at, we'll see!

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  1. Puddin17:37

    LOL.....I myself have to make the bed as soon as I gets out of it!!! I literally make my half if my man is still in it!!! I refuse to sleep in a bed that has not been made yet!! I guess when it comes to the bed I may have a little OCD!!! Cant help it!!!
    So the 2/ that day 2 of day 50??