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Small Changes Challenge - 5/50

Back in January, I decided that instead of a resolution in 2011, I'd challenge myself to make one small change per week for the next 50 weeks! Posting about it would keep me honest, and so, this is my weekly update to you, dear reader! ;-) For past posts, search the tag "small changes".

It cannot be Week 5 already! Week 5 - and for the most part, things are actually sticking! In fact, the last 2 (yes! - a whole TWO) mornings, I have had the dishes unloaded and the family room tidied before the bus came - and the family room isn't even on the "First Thing in the AM" list! Pat on the back!!

This week's challenge to myself - like I promised last week - also involved my boys. Actually, it is pretty much a demand on them, I just "monitor" it (I swear, it's not the same as sitting back and bossing little people around... well, almost, but NOT). What, pray tell, do I have them doing? OR, I should rather say NOT doing?

.... drum roll please......

They are to NOT PEE ON THE SEAT! 

If you have boys, surely you know what a never-ending-chore it is to keep the toilet seat (and wall, and floor) free from pee. Boys don't seem to notice, don't see to care. Mine would sometimes have the downstairs bathroom soaked (and I might add, totally unacceptable if, say, Harrison Ford knocked on the door, and needed to "use"), AND their bathroom would be covered in sticky half-dried pee from the night before (only if I wasn't on my game, of course, because otherwise, we all know I keep an immaculate house!)*... AND SO, they would use MY bathroom! To top it all off, usually when this happened, I would not be suspecting such a horror to befall my precious-lock-the-door-have-a-facial-and-a-steamy-hot-shower-space.... so you can imagine my displeasure when my back thighs were soaked in something other than water. TMI, I know, but I'm just sayin'...

So, what have "we" done, and how have "we" coped? Well, Mario and Toad desperately want me to get them a paid monthly subscription to Club Penguin Online. And that, my dear folks, became the bribe. 

I put a chalkboard chart in the bathroom, and randomly, a couple of times a day, I have been checking each washroom. If the bathrooms are tidy (clean sink, NO pee on toilet/floor/wall), then they get a star on the chart. If they get 30 stars in less than a month, I have promised I will get them the Club Penguin subscription. 

Now, I don't know if I am pleased as punch, or ticked off beyond belief - but they are doing REALLY well keeping the washrooms tidy now - they have 7 stars in 5 days - wouldn't that just rot ya?

On the plus side, I have a much nicer smelling house. Harrison Ford is welcome any time. 

Or Jon BonJovi for that matter. 

Or Brad Pitt, Matth... 

...What were we talking about? 

Oh right, it is working so well, that next month, I may use the chart/star system to insist on them putting their clothes in the hamper daily, in order to keep the subscription. 'Cause at this point, it looks like I'll be shelling out the $5.95/mth to Disney!

Have a good one people!

*if you believe this statement, I have waterfront property in Arizona to sell you at a steal! Contact me now!

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