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What We're Reading Lately

Quite a few books floating around this past month!

In addition to me reading the third Diary of a Wimpy Kid book to the boys, Mario is re-reading the first novel, aloud, to his father. We are almost finished the latest novel... personally, I am looking forward to a break from the series - I plan to read them a completely different novel next, and then return to Diary for the 4th & 5th installments. Our story-time (after school) books have included Alvin And The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel: Battle Of The Bands (one of Toad's favourites), X-Men Pop-UpStorm Boy (a native legend about a boy who gets lost during a storm), and There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Chick!, among others. Of these, I was a little disappointed in the telling of the legend in Storm Boy, however, the illustrations are gorgeous and bring the story to life. And, maybe I have read too many of these now, but I am really enjoying the X-men Pop-Up book lately! Perhaps it is the pull-tabs and pop-ups!

As for me, my DH gave me a novel in my stocking: The King's Daughter by Barbara Kyle. It was not my usual read, and I don't know if I will pick up one of her books again. It takes places during the reign of Mary I and tells the story of a girl supporting her fiancee in his fight with Wyatt's Rebellion, while also trying to rescue her father from prison. And of course, she and the mercenary helping her just happen to be falling for each other. Oddly, I could go days without even thinking of the book, yet, when I did pick it up, I would read chapter after chapter (like 100-150 pages at a time)!

A book I enjoyed a heck of a lot more was The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen. This is the second novel by this author that I have read (The first was Garden Spells) and I have to say, both books were magical! The author has an uncanny ability to take the impossible and make it seem believable. Her characters leap off the page, have a past and a story that draws you into their world, their lives, their minds. The descriptions of the settings and situations transport you to the moment - you are not a reader, you are a witness. The Sugar Queen is about a woman, still living with her mother and caring for her, judged by everyone as the spoiled brat she was as a child, going unnoticed by the man she loves (her mailman), and who seeks comfort in trashy novels, travel magazines and candy. Sounds ordinary, but believe me, you will be hooked!

I'm back to reading my biographies again now... I'll fill you in soon ;-)

Happy Reading!

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