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Sunday Snippets

Tidbits of information I picked up this week: 

  • First of all, this gives the notion of a young grandmother a new twistStumble Upon reports that Ridca Stanescu of Romania gave birth to her daughter Maria when she was only 12 years old; her daughter Maria gave birth to a baby boy at only 11, making Ridca the world's youngest known grandmother at 23 (OMG)!
  • Studies show that children who grow up with a pet dog are active 11 minutes more per day than those without a dog in the household. It might not seem like much, but it equates to over 4000 minutes of extra activity over the course of the year! Whether you have a pet or not, try to fit in physical activity with your kids every day - even if it is dancing around the living room for 10 minutes or a short walk around the block :-) (Parents magazine, March 2011)
  • Bad breath in young children rarely originates in the mouth unless it is from an abscessed tooth that is harbouring bacteria (& your child is in obvious pain). If bad breath is persistent, and without apparent cause, consider visiting the doctor - it could be a sign of sinusitis, acid reflux, swollen tonsils or another illness. 
  • If your energy is low or, like me, you sometimes feel "foggy" in the head, Viva magazine recommends working the following foods into your diet to increase alertness: oatmeal (and other low-glycemic, whole grain carbs that contain vitamin B-12 and iron which both affect the ability to focus); blueberries (by reducing the amount of damaged free radicals - try to get a cup each day); onions & garlic (both contain sulphur derivatives which have been shown to improve memory); Oil fish (omega 3 fatty acids); and green tea (can provide relaxed mental clarity). PS - Viva magazine is free at Dominion stores (in the Health food/supplement section), and has Canadian content and coupons.
  • Ever wonder about the stuff in your first aid kit and how long it can last? While alcohol should be tossed within a year, hydrogen peroxide is one first-aid assister that you don't need to worry about: its antibacterial agent is very strong and can remain effective for a good 5 years (you'll likely finish the bottle first!). Solid over-the-counter pain relievers can remain effective up to 3 yrs past their expiration date (though always check with a pharmacist if in doubt), however, syrups and gel capsules meds should be tossed by their expiration date - their liquid components are not as stable long-term. (iVillage)

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  1. Anonymous15:07

    Interesting tidbit about the height calculator … I guess we go against the norm, though, because I’m 6′ and my sister is 5′4″! This calculation should make us both the same height!