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Local Fun for Wee-Little Ones

I just received the nicest email from a follower wondering if there were any activities around town for younger children - those under a year old. I am posting the details I emailed her in the event others may also find them useful:
  • Brighter Futures Playgroups are sponsored by Federal and Provincial Govts. As far as I know, they have free groups with a certified ECE co-ordinator in several locations throughout Mt. Pearl, CBS and St. John's. Contact number is 739-8096 or
  • Try your Public Health Nurse - she may have a list of resources. If you don't have one, their Family Resource Programs information line is 729-5554
  • Bumble Beats is a Musical Playgroup run by a young mother of 2 toddler boys. Her website is: I hear she's well-respected! Classes are for kids 0-3 :-)
  • Family and Childcare Connections  have their own playgroups for 0-6 yrs - and may also be aware of playgroups or learning centres that offer activities for younger babies. 
  • City of Mt. Pearl has a Healthy Baby Club - Go to Residents -> Community Services -> Complete list of services at

I hope some of those prove useful for her and you! Please leave a comment if you know of any other activities/playgroups for active babies - spread the love :-)

And M - thank you again for your email ;-)


  1. Wow, that brighter futures webpage is terrible. There is no information about playgroups on that site.

    There's also the DEEDFRI groups.

  2. Re: Brighter Futures, hopefully the email/live contact will have it. Thanks SO much for the DEEDFRI info! Much appreciated :-)

  3. Brighter Futures is now on FB as well -!/pages/Brighter-Futures-Coalition-of-St-Johns-and-District/176454895749200