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What To Do This Weekend - some RDF Adventures

OK People, here's my first idea for what to do this weekend: cross your fingers that the "cloudy with sunny breaks" and "isolated showers" forecasts for the weekend change to sun! sun! and more sun!! Enough with the RDF already!! I have started wearing my sundresses around the house in the hopes the weather gods will wake up and realize we are supposed to have some summer soon ;-)

But, I hear you say, what if crossing our fingers doesn't work?? What if we have an RDF weekend.... again?? What to do then? 

Well.... here are some ideas my dear Readers.... hopefully something will tickle your fancy ;-)
  • Have you been to East Rider's Motorcycle Museum downtown yet? This is an outing that not only the kids will enjoy - you'll likely be able to get DH to tag along too, without much fuss ;-)
  • Another fun Museum adventure: Fantastic Sea Monsters is still on at The Rooms, but only until June 19 so hurry in!
  • Little kids always love the Railway Coastal Museum....
  • Kung Fu Panda 2 is in theatres - my boys went with their uncle last week and really enjoyed it! They haven't stopped talking about it all week, but instead of me relaying all the details to you... check it out with your peeps yourself ;-)
  • Now, even if it is RDF in the City, you know that if you head out to CBS chances are it will be sunny and warm, right? We went out that way last night, and it was gorgeous! So, why not take a chance, pack a lunch, and drive out to Manuel's river? Or the Marina in Holyrood? Either will offer a great stroll and beautiful scenery... and if the weather is mediocre out there, well then, hey, at least you had a nice drive ;-)
  • Check the calendar at the bottom of this page for details on these other fun weekend activities: Superhero Library Adventure at the Marjorie Mews Public Library on Friday afternoon; World Oceans Day at the Fisheries Centre on East White Hills Road on Saturday and the NL Pet Expo at the ReMax Centre on Saturday and Sunday... plus many more!
Enjoy it! 

For details on events in & around town, check my events calendar regularly - it is on the bottom of EVERY page :-) The Tely Go Guide published in Arts & Life section every Thursday is also a good source. 

If you have something to add to the Calendar, please let me know! Complete details can be found here and I welcome being added to any "Events Distribution list" your facility might have :-)


  1. Rebecca16:34
    Something for the kids in the daytime and the adults at night! :)

  2. thank you! I will add to the events calendar pronto :-)