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YOUR Stuff: Start-up Tips for Home Business (OR: What's a WAHM To Do?)

Today, I have some more reader inputs to share with you. These great WAHM tips were sent by Crystal from ONS GEAR - you can visit her online here. If you are new to working from home, or just starting up your own business, she has these great ideas:
  • Get a Canada Post VENTURE ONE Card: It's free and you save 5% on your postal needs. .
  • Connect with other WAHMs on-line (FB, blogs, Twitter) and team up (with some that have the same target market as you) for cross-promotions.
  • Regularly back up everything on your computer! It's awful to loose all your personal info, but it's absolutely devastating when it happens to all your new business documents and photos!!! Trust me, lesson learned!!!
  • Read the new book MOM INC. by Amy Ballon and Danielle Botterell... I'm reading it right now! Full of great ideas and resources, particularly for mompreneurs that are just starting out. Best tip so far: make a business plan / marketing plan / monthly plan / any plan. See their website for helpful material and links:
 Crystal also shared some recipes - stay tuned next Tuesday for those! Thank you, Crystal!

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