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Tasty Tuesday - Grilled Romaine

We tried this wonderfully simple idea from the current Sobey's flyer last night: Grilled Romaine Lettuce. Yes, grilled lettuce... who would have ever thought?? 

And....guess what? It was yummy - the BBQ really enhanced the flavour and made it more robust... Its amazing what a little olive oil and heat can do! We had it with chicken and veggie kabobs... a fitting meal for a summer's night ;-)

Not only is it delish - I think it is the perfect idea for those families who have children willing to try only a limited repertoire of greens - most kids I've encountered will eat lettuce at least ;-)

To make: All you need to do is brush the romaine with olive oil, grill on the BBQ and serve with Parmesan and dressing if you wish. You can see complete recipe in this link to the flyer: Sobey's Flyer - Eastern Canada - Grilled Romaine Hearts - Jul 22 until Jul 28, 2011

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