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What To Do on a Rainy Day

Rainy Days...ugh. Especially during the summer when everyone craves being outdoors. My imps could not be convinced to stay in this morning (splashing in the puddles is so much fun after all ;-), but I do have a bunch of ideas to keep them entertained this PM once the novelty of mud wears off a little ;-).

Now, I wouldn't want y'all to be stuck, so here it is - an incomplete Rainy Day guide to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Splash in puddles (obvious, yes).
  • Count worms in the driveway.
  • Make a fort on the deck with a water-proof tarp and trade Pokemon cards or play Bakugans
  • Read on the verandah and be happy it is not too hot ;-)
  • Break out the Rainy Day Kit!.
  • Make plain pancakes for lunch. Have a make-your-own pancake bar with options both sweet (yogurt, fruit, chocolate... yummy desserts!) and savoury (tomato sauce, salsa, cheese.... make pancake pizzas!!).
  • Bake cookies! When they cool, turn some into ice-cream sandwiches and save for the next sunny day. 
  • Have the kids roll up loose change and head to the bank to deposit in their accounts.... or open one, with a debit card no less!
  • Head to the Railway Museum, The Fluvarium, The Rooms, Clay Cafe, a Pet Store or a Swimming Pool. See sidebar links for other venues around the city :-).
  • Invite the neighbour's kids over for a Movie Party: Dimmed lights + popcorn in paper bags + drinks with a straw + movie is all it takes!
  • Have a picnic on the family room floor. Don't forget to pack the basket and put down a picnic blanket! Very important!
  • Two words: Dollar Store.
  • Go old school - show the kids how to make tin can phones and feet.... you did that when you were a kid, right??
Enjoy your day!

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