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What I Like About Summer

What I like about Summer:
  • sleeping late
  • lazy breakfasts
  • having my tea outside
  • staying in p.j.'s until the neighbourhood kids start ringing the doorbell
  • kids swinging in the backyard
  • flowers blooming
  • shrieks of laughter from a gang of boys having a water gun fight
  • hearing my kids and their friends playing on the brand new monkey bars the "backyard neighbours" just installed
  • messy ice-cream faces
  • sounds of kids splashing in the pool next door
  • scraped elbows and knees
  • overhearing the plot to the latest game
  • lunches outside
  • feeding every kid on the block
  • races to the park and back
  • kids on scooters and bikes
  • boys building backyard forts
  • kids catching bugs
  • children watering the veggie garden
  • children watering each other
  • DH doing a BBQ and then us all eating it outside
  • quilts on picnic tables
  • citronella candles
  • dandelions given to me by my sons
  • boys weeding
  • kids trading Pokemon cards on the front step
  • sounds of kids laughing from the yard across the street
  • getting cleaned up before bed then settling in on clean sheets
  • sounds of boys shouting... talking to the neighbour's kids through their open bedroom windows when they should be asleep!

And that was just Monday ;-)

Image: Kay Crain - Backyard Summer Drink-kids drinking from hose

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