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Sunday Snippets

Tidbits of information picked up this week:

  • I am sure you heard about "the SpongeBob study"? Basically, in a survey of 60 4-yr olds, it was determined their concentration on subsequent tasks was worse after they had watched fast-paced shows such as SpongeBob for nine minutes. Personally, I see this as another warning to monitor all media (DS games, computer, TV, etc.) our children watch/use to ensure it is age-appropriate (i.e.: SpongeBob is not for 4 yr-olds by any stretch of the imagination!), and even then to limit how much, but it is creating quite the buzz in parenting media. Visit for an in-depth commentary. 
  • I watched an interesting Dr. Oz show on Monday and paid particular attention to these 5 steps to conquering belly fat - 1. eat your carbs for the day early. 2. Make sure you get 25 g fibre daily. 3. Workout, but have a slight variation everyday to confuse your muscles and keep them working. 4. Don't measure your waist - cut a piece of ribbon the length of you goal, and measure your progress against that (I like this one!!!!) and lastly: 5. drink 1 glass red wine daily (another good one!). More on
  • There are 21 species of shark that have been identified in Atlantic Canadian waters. While 3 of these are already on the Canadian protected species list, as many as 10 may be endangered. Brought to you courtesy of my shark-obsessed son and :-)
Enjoy your beautiful, sunny Sunday!

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  1. I saw the Dr Oz thing about belly fat in a magazine - I like the idea of a glass of red wine a day! Now THAT'S a good idea!