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What Quality Time Means to Kids

Quality Time... in this world of rush-rush-rush, we often feel as though we are neglecting the important things, that we don't have enough time for an afternoon of carefree fun, or the resources for a trip to Disneyland. But, you know what? To  our children, Quality Time doesn't have to be expensive or a week-long vacation.

So, what is Quality Time to a child?

  • it is any time - 5, 10 minutes even
  • it is your undivided attention
  • it is a carefree moment of fun
  • it is reading together
  • it is sharing an anecdote or story
  • it is affection
  • it is a smile 
  • it is a hug
  • it is a long, silly kiss
  • it is a band-aid on their boo-boo, even when the boo-boo doesn't need one ;-)
  • it is an I Love You
  • it is a Wow, Great Job
  • it is a Just Because I want to Spend Time with You when you invite them to come on your errands

Enjoy your weekend, and even if you don't have time for all the fabulous Halloween activities in town this weekend, squeeze in a hug and a kiss and pat yourself for a job well done ;-)

1 comment:

  1. So true. Some of the best times with the kids are those moments you're just together. Kids remember the little things more so than the big ones.

    A nice reminder.