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Valentine's Round Up!

So, I was at Walmart last night, and holy smokes, what a crowd in the Valentine's section!!! It got me all in a tizzy, it did, worried I wouldn't have something for my peeps. Thankfully, after three times around the aisles, I did find the stuffy Toad had spied on a previous visit, and a novel for Mario. Whew! 

Over the last few days though, I have been browsing my favourite sites for Valentines and V-day ideas. And, instead of re-inventing the wheel, I thought I would share them with you. Here are some great links to printable valentines and other fun ideas:

Positively Splendid recently posted 12 Unique Valentines You Can Make... and they are all so cute! Here are just a couple; visit her here for her complete collection.

source: Dandee via Positively Splendid
These will be a hit with the girls for sure!

source: Thrifty Handmade Days via Positively Splendid
For any boy with a passion for dinkies, racing and/or cars!

I found these next two ideas courtesy of  Pass the Cereal:

source: nellie design
If your child likes to give a small treat with her valentines, this is a wonderful idea: simply pick up some  small bouncy balls at the dollar store, then print out these "you make my heart bounce" tags from Nellie Design!

source: design mom
Fortune Tellers never seem to go out of style. I think the collection here at the house rivals the one I had growing up! Check out Design Mom for a printable V-day version.... and instruction on how to fold them, just in case you forgot!
What kid ... *person* doesn't like Star Wars? Visit to download these cute printable valentines!
Perhaps you were looking to come up with your own unique valentine creation for your kids or the class? Visit this post on and use their collection of saying to create your own valentine, or avail of their great suggestions:

source: wickedlocal

This idea from Better Homes and Gardens is uber-sweet and you can customize it with one of the saying from the site above, or your own terms of endearment! I think I will do a variation of it as cards for my kids this year:

Last but not least.... this may be my favourite idea of all.....

source: papervinez
Now, how cool is that?? Visit Papervinez for a tutorial on how to make these peppermint and white chocolate valentine pops from your left over candy canes (ummmm.... can you say "genius"??). 


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