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Where to Find Events and Activities for Younger Children (0-6yrs)

Are you wondering "who's in the know" when it comes to activities for the pre-school crowd? If so, you are not alone....

Over the last few weeks, I have had a number of inquiries about sites or pages that share events and activities for younger children. And, on my Facebook page today, there is another one, so I thought I would post my usual suggestions here, for all to see:

  • St. John's Kid - A great site and she has a playdate for 0-5 yrs weekly on Sundays at Hava Java downtown.
  • Brighter Futures - Lots of services for infants and tots and they organize playdates during the week.
  • Family ChildCare Connections - Geared towards all pre-schoolers and their care-givers, FCC also has playdates on Tuesday and Thursdays...and they have a slew of information on local resources and childcare options.
  • Baby Gear to Share - Just like it sounds, this local business rents out baby gear (great for when family comes to visit, or if you aren't sure you'll really use something - like a baby swing - enough before it is outgrown to warrant the investment ;-)....but they may know of events for tots. 

Also (last but hopefully not least ;-), on the home page of my blog ( you will see a "Some Great Local Sites" sidebar... it is about 1/3 of the way down the page, on the right hand side. It may be worth a look-through, to see if there is something that tickles your fancy and interests. In the meantime, anything interesting I find out about (through the sites or emails) is put in my Calendar (scroll down to the bottom of the home page), and while I do focus on school age kids, some of them have younger siblings, so you never know what you'll find here ;-)

Have any more ideas? Let me know and/or feel free to comment on this post :-)

Hope that helps!

If you have something to add to the Calendar, please let me know! Complete details can be found here and I welcome being added to any "Events Distribution list" your facility might have :-)


  1. The Downhome Lifestyle Expo will have lots of great activities April 20 th -22 nd. There will be something for the whole family. Happening at the Mount Pearl Glacier.