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What I Tried: A Glad® Product Reveiw

Have you seen the Glad® To Go Lunch containers? You know, the ones with the little mini "dressing" cups that snap into the lid (I know, that intrigued me too!). Well, I recently received a set from the manufacturer as part of a campaign and  figured I would share my thoughts with you :-)

  • I felt the containers were too big for my kids' lunches (the main container has a 4-cup capacity), BUT, they are perfect for an adult sized salad - especially with the little salad dressing container that snaps into the lid! I put some shredded cheese in the mini cup - keeps it from getting soggy with the rest of the salad (I rarely use dressing myself).
  • Speaking of cheese....if you use the Glad® To Go Lunch container to store leftover chili (or take it for lunch), not only does it hold a generous serving, but the "dressing" cup keeps the perfect portion of shredded cheese or sour cream at the ready and separated until you have the chili heated (the containers are microwaveable and BPA free).
  • AND, my favourite discovery: the mini cups fit in most other GladWare® containers.... so, I was able to use them with the square sandwich sized GladWare® to give the boys carrot & celery sticks, and cauliflower & broccoli plus some dressing for dip - yay! - an easy and convenient start to a healthy lunch! Woot! 

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Disclosure: I received the above mentioned products for free. As always, the opinions stated are my own and were not influenced by the items received. Also, in general, I do prefer to stay away from plastics - but given that they are non-breakable and re-usable, I do continue to use the occasional BPA-free plastics, such as those mentioned here ;-)


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