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I have a give-away to be won!!!!

Oh ,you knew?..... The title gave it away, huh? ;-)

So.... here's the deal: A while back, I posted about this great new magazine I saw in the doctor's office: EcoParent. It is filled with a slew of informative articles, the issue I read being on a nature theme, but upcoming issues on education, holiday shopping, and hometown heroes are sure to be just as amazing! And, when EcoParent heard about my post, they offered me a subscription to give-away to you lucky readers!!!!

Cool, huh?

I bet you are wondering how you can get your hands on this exciting prize....well, I won't keep you in suspense any longer! In keeping with the nature theme, I want you to tell me your favourite Off-the-Avalon NL destination or tourist attraction in the comments to this post by 12 noon Friday, June 22nd. The winner will be chosen by random draw that weekend and announced on the blog the following week - just in time for your summer trip planning ;-)

Good Luck!


  1. And just to show you how east it is: My favourite place is Terra Nova!

    If this had been your comment, you'd be already entered by now ;-)

    So do tell: What is your favourite destination or tourist attraction in NL (off the Avalon)?

  2. Melody Sorenson22:53

    My favourite place (so far) is Bonavista. Beautiful place, friendly folks!

  3. Anonymous09:07

    My Favorite place is Gross Morne - Just Beautiful :)
    Katherine French

  4. Anonymous09:09

    I have to say that Codroy Valley is our favourite...beautiful, clean, very scenic and lots of attractions (museums and such)....can't wait to go back now in August! :)

  5. Favourite off-the Avalon destination? The area around Rocky Harbour is absolutely beautiful! This magazine looks GREAT by the way!

  6. Definitely Green Gardens in Gros Morne National Park!! It's Gros Morne's best kept secret. We try to get there every Summer or Fall. We even had our honeymoon there in 2001! - two nights in a beautiful chalet at Middle Brook Cottages & Chalets, then a week and a half camping in Green Gardens. Perfect! :) November 2010 we brought our then 5-month-old there. Here's a link to some photos of the trip (so your readers can plan their next vacation there, heh-heh)

  7. Kerri K19:43

    I'd have to say the Tablelands in Gros Morne - cause that's where I met my husband! (They are pretty nice too!)

  8. Anonymous22:06

    Terra Nova, so far!!! I love everything about it!!! We try to go there every summer with the boys!!!

    Christine Wells

  9. Anonymous11:10

    Terra Nova for me so far :)
    Kim O'Brien

  10. Anonymous11:04

    Terra Nova for sure. Saw my first moose a little too up close and personal there!!

  11. Anonymous09:39

    Also love Terra Nova, my inlaws have a cabin there and wish we could get there more often! S Frost

  12. Favorite place is Rocky Harbour. So quaint and so beautiful!

  13. Anonymous12:37

    My choice would be Trinity!

  14. Anywhere in the scenic Bay of Islands!

  15. lesley16:43

    Gros Mourne. The whole area excites me. Lots to do and weather totally beats the Avalon any day. lol

  16. Thank you everyone! We have a winner:
    True Random Number Generator (
    Min: 2
    Max: 14
    .... so, Christa Burnett, that makes you our winner! Email me at to make arrangements :-) or facebook me....Congratulations!