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Halloween Post Mortem

Well, the final wave of trick-or-treaters appears to be gone, and the kids are gone off to bed, their mood a mixture of a candy high and a darn-it-is-over-'til-next-year low.....

This year, we had the biggest crowd yet!  They were coming by so fast that I left the door open for a while, sat on the floor with my loot all around me, tea in hand, and shelled out treat after treat ... after treat! At one point, I was terrified we were going to run out... then, as luck should have it, one of the kids popped home for a drink. I promptly dumped out his loot, sorted it and quickly put the junkiest junk into my own treat bucket to give to the next lot of kids. Good thing too - we went through all our candy and all the recycled stuff I took from my kids as they returned home!

We had one little boy at our door fascinated by the motion activated broom on the veranda. He did not want to leave! And the neighbours kids looked SO cute in their super-hero costumes.... but the rest of the kids are pretty much a colourful, creepy blurr. Except for one girl who stood out for two reasons: 1. Her costume was home-made, and really, how often do you see that anymore? and 2. She was a geek (when I commented on that, her companion said: "you don't hear parents say 'geek' very often", LOL!)! I was a geek one year when I was her age (...still? ;-).... and her costume was almost identical to mine. I guess geeks never change (I haven't!).

... And now off to enjoy the stash from my children's labour ;-)

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