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Last Minute Halloween Ideas!

I can not believe Halloween is here! And Christmas right around the corner (PANIC!!!)! Outside of putting a few orange lights around the house, I have done nothing for either....

Which brings us to today's post! Some last minute ideas:
  • Pumpkin Carving - Take the easy route.... I've been known to 1. use cookie cutters (either tap 'em in with a mallet - carefully!- and punch out shapes OR use it to stamp the image on the pumpkin - sort of as an outline - then colour in the image with permanent marker) and 2. dive into the kids Mr. Potato Head and dress up clothes.... Mr. Pumpkin Head looked tres cute, and no one ever said a pumpkin can't wear a Devil Mask!
  • Decorating - Cut circles out of white paper, give them black centres (with construction paper or markers) to make huge eyeballs. Draw red  squiggly lines on them if you want for a blood-shot look. Put them in a window, or on a tree! Or, nothing looks more Halloweeny than candy corn - all ya gotta do is buy a ton and display them in clear glass bowls... or get really fancy and glue them to a Styrofoam wreath. 
  • Last minute costume.... dress all in brown. Stuff brown or white gloves with cotton or rags then use safety pins to secure them to a brown hat (or hood if wearing a hoodie or brown coat).... you are a moose! OR black pants, gloves and hat plus a black & white stripped shirt... make yourself an eye mask (or paint one on with face paint...) and you are a burglar! OR... this post inspired this idea: photocopy a picture of your favorite stuffie dog (or other stuffie), write LOST PUPPY - REWARD OFFERED on it and glue to a paint stick. Use a safety pin to pin said stuffie to your.... ahem... bottom. Ask people if they have seen your lost dog, then turn around looking for him (I just can't find him!). Kids will love it! 
  • Supper - make mini jack-o-lantern pizzas..... English muffin + tomato sauce + cheddar or processed sliced cheese. Use cookie cutter to cut cheese into a circle, cut two eyes and a mouth in it, put under broiler to melt ( I think I would toast the English muffin first). If your kids like olives, you don't even have to cut eyes. Or, use mozza instead and shape the cheese in a ghost shape. Or, prepare pancake mix and put it in a squirt bottle. this will enable you to form it into ghost-like shapes as you place in the pan .... give your pancake ghosts some chocolate chip or blueberry eyes and mouths. Or just spell BOO!

Now, that sounds like a bit of plan if I do say so myself ;-) Off I go to actually do some of them! 


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