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Cool - Way Too Cool - Gifts

Hey, you. 

Yeah, you... How's it goin'?

Oh, really... A little overwhelmed, huh? Still struggling to come up with that perfect gift? 

Never fear.... here are some coooooool ideas that have caught my eye.... and I think they will capture the kids' attention too!

Set Sails Pirate Ship play set at Indigo:


Seriously, People! I LOVE this! A friend and I saw one of these set up last week at Chapters last and we went ballistic! ....Or at least I did - I want one - it is like a doll house.... but it's a pirate ship! Oh, to have kids that age and a reason to buy it!!!! 

Creative Sorter at Indigo:

All I can say about this one is: combining the classic shape-sorting idea with Legos is GENIUS!

This smart "toy" allows children to build their own circuits and understand how electricity works! I have my eye on it for my own two kids :-)

Any fan of the Jake the Pirate TV show will be sure to adore this talking sword!

OK, OK, OK.... so I have a thing for pirates and their ships ;-) But this one is different.... it is a ride-on!!! I know, right! 

These cool new dinos easily transform from a dinosaur to a vehicle and back again, plus they feature wild sounds and phrases, LCD screen and pilot animations and they educate wee ones with dino facts!

... Another one that caught my eye with my own imps in mind. This Blaster Pack has everything they'll need for solo, team and multi player LAZER TAG battles! 

Stay tuned.... I will have more ideas this week including dolls & lovies, gifts for the fashionista and techie items!

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