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Alive Adventures After School Programs and More!

Girls Goddess yoga
People! I have been terribly, terribly negligent!

I recently received an email pertaining to some after-school programs, and despite how wonderful they sound, I somehow kept forgetting to post on them .... yikes!

The programs are operated by Katie of Alive Adventures. Katie has a degree in kinesiology, and is a certified yoga instructor, drum facilitator and outdoor educator! She is offering an Outdoor Adventure program for boys aged 6-9 and a Girls Goddess yoga class for girls 11-15.

You can find complete details for these programs and more at

You can also email Katie for more information (including details on her Moms Event coming up this Sunday) at

source: Katie Power

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for posting & no worries, we all forget things and put things off.
    The mom's event was AMAZING, 40 women attended and all left INSPIRED and in LOVE with their LIFE.

    Girls Goddess Class is coming up Feb. 2nd! @Nova Yoga Studio.
    we have a few spaces left, please go to:
    To register!

    also: the best way to stay informed is to add yourself to our Newsletter, which can be accessed on our website. Or Join our facebook page where we post regular updates: