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Even The Best Laid Plans...

Way back here, I made a To-Do List in the hopes of getting myself prepared for Christmas that week. It is now almost 5 WEEKS later.... let's see how I've done (embarrassing myself here!):

  • Finalize gift list: I really should...
    • every single person, 
    • my ideas for their gift 
    • the budget for each one
  • Set budget for overall Holiday expenses: And this too... See, sometimes I have good ideas!
    • DH/kids
    • other gifts
    • wrapping supplies
    • decorations
    • craft supplies
    • pet gifts (yes, you read it right!)
    • cards/stamps
  • Determine which gifts will be homemade:
    • figure out which projects I will use/give to each person
    • ensure have supplies, if not, buy them
  • Decide what project to make/give for Teacher's Gifts (I'll post some ideas on that another week!)
  • Christmas Card List
    • Make sure have addresses, if not, get them
  • Design Christmas Cards & get supplies  Yay! I got one!
    • Get children to show me what they are hoping Santa will bring Check. Aim to have shopping done by end of this month. 
    •  Finalize baking list for the year
      • check pantry & determine the grocery list for the holiday treats!
    • Double check who is hosting what over the Season, and times, to ensure we know where we are going when
    •  Send out e-vite reminder for my fete on New Year's Eve! Wouldn't want anyone to forget!! 
      • Determine anything critical and/or quick that can be polished up around the house - in particular, I'm thinking of painting the boys' bathroom. ... sorta.... have the paint for said bathroom, working on refinishing the kitchen table....
      • Book the following:
        • carpet cleaners And they have already been in too!
        • upholstery cleaners  Ditto!
        • house cleaners  Going to be a big girl and do it myself (OMG!)
        • hair appointment for December Important!
        • hair appointments for boys ... oh, right...
        • family photos (undecided) ... still undecided, which probably means no at this point!
      It is going *well*, as you can clearly see... I blame it on the weather! Very hard to be Christmas-y when we have 10 & 12 degree weather and no snow, don't you agree? I am going to start playing that Christmas music right now, and get out my address book, to at least cross off one more thing before the day is out!

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