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What You Can Find Online for Some St. Patrick's Day Fun!

I am just going to start off this linky post by saying it is amazing what you can find on the internet - there is a slew of ideas out there! Here are just a few of the ones I found to help you out with your St. Paddy's Day planning:

Foodie Ideas:
  • Why not make up a batch of this Irish Bread for breakfast? (From Chasing Fireflies - a lot of ideas here if you poke around her site.)
  • Prefer a dessert idea instead? Check out this Rainbow Pudding  from or these Marshmallow Shamrocks on - they both look seriously fun!
  • Ivillage has a collection of 20 Irish-inspired recipes - take your pick here! The potato cakes look YUM.
Play-With-Your Food Ideas: 
Crafty Ideas
  • Mario likes this cute, easy Leprechaun, made from a paper towel tube, on Family Fun
  • Both of these ideas from are quick & adorable: Pot of gold or Shamrock puppy. If that's not your style, why not try their watercolour rainbow idea, or their selection of colouring sheets?
  • Looking for an easy treat you can put together for your peeps? This one is my favourite: licorice rainbow pot of gold from (if you can't find the diffeent colours of licorice, I would try sorting Skittles by colour, arrange one colour at a time in a line on plastic wrap & carefully roll to create the lines of the rainbow to substitute for her licorice strings).

Mixed Bag:
  • Visit this link from Craft Gossip for a collection of ideas ranging from a "Shamrock Pizza" to "Marshmallow Rainbows" to "Thumbprint Leprechaun Bookmarks"!

  • has a selection of  goodies chosen with St. Pat's in mind: check them out here. Don't forget to check out their Kid Friendly Irish Menu featuring an awesome cheesecake!
  • A girl's gotta dress too - fashion picks for you from, my dear, are right here.
  • Still haven't found what you are looking for? Check out this link for History, games, printables, clothes, crafts, quizzes and other fun activities collected by 
That's quite the list, if I do say so myself! (Who's got your back? St. John's Mom, that's who! :-)

Happy St. Patrick's Day tomorrow! 

Hope it is a fun one :-)

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  1. Anonymous17:43

    I love reading your blog! You always have super cool and fun ideas.