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Crafty Fun for Easter (OR: What To Make With Your Peeps When They Are Home Driving You Crazy :-)

So.... the kids are home for a whole week starting on Good Friday! Worried about keeping them busy? Don't fret, dear Reader...remember -  I've got your back! This round up of fun ideas will keep everyone occupied and happy when the weather prevents outdoor fun ;-)

Amanda over at Craft Gossip made these as part of an auction fundraiser for Japan:

They are SO adorable.... and what a great craft for you & your youngsters! Why not give it a try - uses punches and/or scissors to cut out shapes, and use the picture above as a placement guide to make a flock of your very own.... keep a multitude of small knick-knacks safe in the critters: crayons, bakugans, doll combs/mirrors/shoes, DS games, erasers, stickers....etc.

I'm sure you made popsicle stick & yarn stars for your tree growing up? Well, check out this Spring/summer variation from Gummylump (I'm ashamed to have never thought of it! Oh, well, I guess there really are folks more brilliant than I ;-):

Another idea that is brilliant in its simplicity: make a hot air balloon out of a paper-strip ball ornament (full tutorial here):

Visit Kaboose for the how-tos on making these cute little bugs - I think I would use the whole egg carton to make a dozen lady bugs, bees, spiders, etc., then hang them all in a window... wouldn't that be pretty?

Ohhhhh... Some people are just so smart!! Follow the directions in this tutorial, and not only will your rainbow be darn-near perfect: you'll also have a cute mobile!

Amazing Moms has some amazing bunny & chick crafts: click here to see how to make them from cups, googlies and other knick-knacks!

Wait!!!!  just one more......(promise)...

....Before you eat the ears off that bunny, trace it!!! That way, you can create one of these cuties with your peeps, just like Katydid.:

After all, what's Easter vacation without bunnies? 

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  1. Note: Removed link to craftbits from this post as Google indicated there was a malware threat there.