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What To Do This Weekend - And During Easter Vacation :-)

Let the Easter Fun Begin! As of 3PM today, school is out for 10 whole days! The excitement! The fun! The chocolate! The merriement! The noise... the mess....

Oh yeah, they can be loud, messy little critters can't they? 

Well, have NO FEAR - there is plenty to do in this beautiful city during the break to keep your peeps occupied, even if they aren't in one of the many Easter Camps! And, because I like you (I really, really do!), I'm gonna let you know exactly what is on this weekend - and beyond ;-)

  • How about fish on Good Friday that you don't have to cook? (Bonus: No fish smell in the house!) - Pop over to the Annual Fish and Brewis Breakfast, Friday Am from 8-11 AM (First United Church in Mt. Pearl - on Park Ave which is off Topsail Rd). It is supposed to be rain/flurries that day, so of course, you'll visit Wednesday's post to pick and choose crafts & activities for the day, before finally heading over to Family Fun: Traditional Egg Decorating with a Twist at Clay Cafe that evening ;-). It's Earth Day too - challenge yourself to decorate and craft with recycables as much as possible!
  • Then, on Saturday, no need to face the crowds at the pharmacy for a card to give the 'Rents. Instead, head over to Michael's bright and early (well, by 10AM), and let the little ones participate in their Easter Card Make & Take while you pick up a last minute treat or two :-). Once home, bake a special Easter Treat to enjoy on Sunday. 
  • Sunday - Just sit back, relax, enjoy your peeps eatin' their Peeps....oh, yeah - you might wanna cook or turkey or something....
  • During the week -  Take your pick! Seriously, there are so many fun things on to take the children to:
    • Everyday this week, Chapter's has a fun activity planned - free - at 11AM. The many themes include Science, Crafts, Games, Reading and - I think this is the biggie for my boys - a Lego Challenge! 
    • Likewise, The Rooms has a theme-a-day activity planned each afternoon at 2PM (now, how convenient is that! We've got your AM and PM covered ;-). Themes there include Robert Bateman's painting, Recycling, Time Capsules and Birds! 
    • As well, the Michael Donovan Library (Topsail Rd, across from New World) is holding a Music & Fun program at 3:30 on both Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. 

Of course, there is a slew of activities you can do "when the mood strikes", and not rely on a program schedule! Every year the boys and I make an Easter-To-Do list with many of the following options - when we are bored we just take our pick ;-)

Take-your-pick Easter Fun List
  • Visit the Geo Centre.
  • Go to Clay Cafe.
  • Head to the Dollar Store.
  • See some Movies (they usually have Toonie Matinees, but I don't see it online this year. Keep checking though!).
  • Eat out at a restaurant downtown. (Try The Sprout - yummy & nutritious.)
  • Feed the ducks at Bowring Park, walk by the River to look for signs of Spring.
  • Walk around the neighbourhood; stop by the neighbourhood playground.
  • Have a school friend over for the afternoon.
  • Sleep-over at the grandparents (this is the night you go out - or stay in, wink, wink - with hubby!).
  • Bake a treat - click here for ideas.
  • Make a craft - click here for ideas.
  • Head to a Recreation Centre or Gym (the Y; the Reid Centre, etc) & shoot hoops.
  • Browse The Rooms.
  • Hang out at the closest Library and read book, after book, after book.
  • Go to Chapter's (you knew I was gonna put that in there, right??).
  • Take a walk on Topsail Beach, or Middle Cove Beach. Find the rock that looks most like an Easter Egg, then take a picture of it (because you shouldn't take rocks from the beach, remember ;-).
  • Head to Signal Hill - any icebergs or whales? No? Enjoy the wind, take a walk on the wild side, look out over the City - can you see your house? Where Mommy works? Where Daddy went to School?
  • Visit the Fluvarium, then walk through Pippy Park. 


For details on events in & around town, check my calendar regularly! It is on the bottom of every page, or click Events Calendar in the navigation bar :-) The Tely Go Guide is also a good source. 

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